There are several ambitious sub-projects being set in the strategic project Horizon +, such as the expansion of the reception gates to the Sonian Forest, the realization of green connections and the deployment of strong town centers. Some examples of future realizations include: the tourist-recreational gateway with Wawa-park at Jezus-Eik in Overijse, the expansion of the reception gate Middenhut at Sint-Genensius-Rode, the renewed station area and the arboretumgarden at Groenendaal, the headwaters of the Voervallei at Tervuren.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Since June 2017, the sections of the Sonian Forest that are subject to the strictest protection have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List as part of a series of 78 “virgin” beech forests in 12 European countries. This recognition is unique for our country and is also the result of a very close cooperation between the three regional managers.

Natura 2000

The Sonian Forest is recognised as a special area of conservation and is part of the Natura 2000 Network – the network of natural or semi-natural sites in the European Union, which aims to preserve biological diversity in Europe by ensuring the protection of exceptional natural habitats.

Its exceptional character has earned the Sonian Forest particular recognition on the international scene.