De Week van het Bos

Flanders has been organising its Forest Week for 35 years. The 2019 event aims to highlight the endless possibilities of sport and exercise in forests and in nature. From 13 to 20 October, several activities will be organised in Flemish nature areas and forests. The activities on 20 October in the Sonian Forest are included in the programme of the Day of the Sonian Forest.“Week van het Bos 2019” is coordinated by the Agency for Nature and Forests (ANB), in collaboration with BOS+

The Weekend of Woods and Forests of the Ardennes

Organised and co-founded by Development of Natural Resources (Ressources Naturelles Développement, RND) and the Nature and Forests Authority of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Weekend of Woods and Forests of the Ardennes is a great opportunity for people and organisations who work in forest transformation or the tourism industry in the Forests of the Ardennes to meet.From 18 to 20 October, a wide range of activities will be organised in Wallonia and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in the margin of the 2019 event.

Straffe streek

It is no mystery that Flemish Brabant has a rich variety of local products. Think about the many beers, the chocolate, the chicory, … The supply of Flemish Brabant local products seems endless! The success of local products is largely due to its authentic taste and quality. More and more people believe in local, biological and trustworthy products. Who doesn’t like a pure and fresh product?! Local products are being made with craft and love, which makes the quality even better. Do you want to discover more about the local products of Flemish Brabant? Be sure to check out

The Day of the Sonian Forest coordinates its activities with similar events, in Flanders and in Wallonia.