Rood Klooster

Access: Metro (line 5, Herrmann-Debroux), Tram 94, Bus 72 (Rouge-Cloître), Bus 34 (Saint-Anne). By foot, by bike.
Welcome point and information: In the Central Courtyard of the Rouge-Cloître (in front of the Arts Centre).
Car parks: Limited parking at the surroundings of the Rood Klooster (Auderghem sports centre, viaduc E411, Boulevard du Souverain), access to the centre of Rood Klooster prohibited to vehicles.
Catering: /


Access: Bus 317, Tram 44. By foot, by bike, by car.
Welcome point: At Visit Tervuren (Markt 7B, 3080 Tervuren).
Catering: Near Visit Tervuren: Foyer De Warandepoort (Markt 7b, 3080 Tervuren) / At the park: Spaans Huis (Huisdreef 1, 3080 Tervuren).


Acces: Bus 136/137 (Sint-Genesius-Rode Middenhut), bus 155/136/137 (Sint-Genesius-Rode Zoniënwoud).

Welcome point: At the car park of Sint-Michielsdreef (1640, Sint-Genensius-Rode).

Car park: Car park Sint-Michielsdreef and surrounding streets.


Access : SNCB Train (line 26 – stop Boondael / line 161 – stop Boitsfort), STIB Tram 8, STIB Bus 11, TEC Bus 366. By foot, by bike.
Welcome point: Drohme.
Car access: Via the car park (opposite 114 Chaussée de la Hulpe, Uccle).
Catering: Visitors can enjoy a small snack between noon and 4 p.m. (local and biological products).


Access: Bus 341, 345, 349. By foot, by bike, by car.
Welcome point: De Bosuil (Witherendreef 1, 3090 Overijse).
Catering: De Bosuil (Witherendreef 1, 3090 Overijse).
Comments: All the activities at De Bosuil are also included in the programme of Flanders Forest Week.


Access: SNCB (Train S8 Brussels-Ottignies – Station Groenendaal), De LIJN 395 (Leuven – Huldenberg – Overijse – Hoeilaart – Groenendaal), De LIJN 830 (Groenendaal – Tervuren – Zaventem – Machelen). By foot, by bike, by car.
Welcome point: Groenendaal Castle, Duboislaan 1 – 1560 Hoeilaart
Car park: Groenendaal station (free shuttle bus).
Catering: B&B Hippo-Droom (Tumulidreef 7, 1560 Hoeilaart) / Sonian (Duboislaan 1b, 1560 Hoeilaart)
Caution: Duboislaan is closed! There will be a shuttlebus from De Lijn departing from Hoeilaart-centrum until het Bosmuseum.


Access: Bus 366. By foot, by bike, by car.
Welcome point: In the middle of the Parc Solvay (side of the Chaussée de Bruxelles – follow the signs).
Catering: Taverne de la Fondation Folon.